Big Data and Machine Learning Seminar

Fall 2018

Time & Location: Friday 10-12 at 289 Engineering VI.

Welcome to our Big Data and Machine Learning Seminar! Each week, we invite a researcher to give a talk on the latest advancement in big data and machine learning. Questions, as well as open discussions, are welcome in the seminar.

Everyone is encouraged to sign-up for the presentations!  Please email me ( the topic you would like to present beforehand if you are interested. The topic ideally is related to “Data mining and Machine Learning”. To make it easier for you to check the schedule, I create a google doc for the syllabus of our Big Data and Machine Learning Seminar where you can find the date and topic for the registered presentations.


Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide
10/05 CoQA: A Conversational Question Answering Challenge Siva Reddy abstract pdf ppt
10/12 Efficient Deep Learning Ting Chen abstract pdf ppt
10/19 Optimization from A Continuous-time View Pan Xu abstract pdf ppt
10/26 Conversational Question Answering Scott Yih abstract pdf ppt
11/02 Modeling and Distinguishing User Behaviors on the Web Jyun-Yu Jiang abstract pdf ppt
11/09 Diversity-promoting and Large-scale ML for Healthcare Pengtao Xie abstract pdf ppt
11/16 Adopting Machine Learning techniques in Database System Jin Wang abstract pdf ppt
11/23 Thanksgiving Day (cancel)
11/30 Learning to Generate Language and Actions with Structured Agents William Wang abstract pdf ppt
12/07 Democratize Data Science: NLI to Data Xifeng Yan abstract pdf ppt
12/07 PaperRobot: Incremental Drafting of Ideas in Biomedical Domain Heng Ji abstract pdf ppt

Before Fall 2018


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