Big Data and Machine Learning Seminar

Winter 2021

Time: Friday 10 am -11:30 am.
Online Zoom Link:

Welcome to our Big Data and Machine Learning Seminar! Each week, we invite a researcher to give a talk on the latest advancement in big data and machine learning. Questions, as well as open discussions, are welcome in the seminar.

Everyone is encouraged to sign-up for the presentations!  Please email Yuan Cao ( or Sunipa Dev ( the topic you would like to present beforehand if you are interested. The topic ideally is related to “Data mining and Machine Learning”. Here is a google doc for the syllabus of our Big Data and Machine Learning Seminar where you can find the date and topic for the registered presentations.


Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide
01/08 Visual Recognition beyond Appearances, and its Robotic Applications Yezhou Yang abstract pdf ppt
01/15 Cross Lingual Understanding: Scaling NLP Across Languages Veselin Stoyanov abstract pdf ppt
01/22     abstract pdf ppt
01/29     abstract pdf ppt
02/05     abstract pdf ppt
02/12     abstract pdf ppt
02/19 Direction Matters: On the Implicit Regularization Effect of Stochastic Gradient Descent with Moderate Learning Rate Jingfeng Wu abstract pdf ppt
02/26     abstract pdf ppt
03/05     abstract pdf ppt
03/12     abstract pdf ppt

Fall 2020

Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide
10/16 On Provably Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Value Function Approximation Lin F. Yang abstract pdf ppt
10/23 ROOT-SGD: Sharp Nonasymptotics and Asymptotic Efficiency in a Single Algorithm Junchi Li abstract pdf ppt
10/30 Separating Estimation from Decision Making in Contextual Bandits Dylan Foster abstract pdf ppt
11/06 What are the Statistical Limits of Offline RL with Linear Function Approximation? Ruosong Wang abstract pdf ppt
11/13 Understanding Event Processes in Natural Languages Muhao Chen abstract pdf ppt
11/20 Multilingual Multi-domain Question Answering Avirup Sil abstract pdf ppt
11/27 Thanksgiving (cancel)
12/04 Robust reinforcement learning against adversarial perturbations on state observations Huan Zhang abstract pdf ppt
12/11   Jingfeng Wu abstract pdf ppt

Spring 2020

Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide Video
04/10 Generative Pre-training of Graph Neural Networks Ziniu Hu abstract pdf ppt video

Winter 2020

Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide
02/07 Dynamic Neural User Models Srijan Kumar abstract pdf ppt
02/14 Cancel
02/21 Neural Network-based Graph-Level Operator Learning Yunsheng Bai abstract pdf ppt
02/28 Unsupervised State Embedding and Aggregation Towards Scalable Reinforcement Learning Mengdi Wang abstract pdf ppt
03/06 Open House Event

Fall 2019

Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide
10/04 Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications Lingfei Wu abstract pdf ppt
10/11 Reducing Societal Bias in Natural Language Processing Jieyu Zhao abstract pdf ppt
10/18 Two-view Knowledge Graph Learning and Its Applications in Product Recommendation Junheng Hao abstract pdf ppt
10/25 Data Science at Scale: from Theory to Practice Snapchat Team led by Xiaolin abstract pdf ppt
11/01 Cancel
11/08 Cancel
11/15 Cancel
11/22 Deep Probabilistic Logic: A Unifying Framework for Self-Supervision Hoifung Poon abstract pdf ppt
11/29 Thanksgiving Day

Spring 2019

Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide
04/12 Generalization Error Bounds of Gradient Descent for Learning Over-parameterized Deep ReLU Networks Yuan Cao abstract pdf ppt
04/19 Cancel
04/26 Some recent advances in GANs Ting Chen abstract pdf ppt
05/03 Cancel
05/10 Cancel
05/17 Aggregates in Recursive Programs  and Declarative Algorithms for BigData Carlo Zaniolo abstract pdf ppt
05/21 Graph Representation Learning: Algorithms, Applications and Systems Jian Tang abstract pdf ppt
05/24 Geometric Scattering on Graphs and Manifolds Feng Gao abstract pdf ppt
05/31 Bridging adversarial robustness with generative adversarial networks Xuanqing Liu abstract pdf ppt
06/07 Robustness Verification of Neural Networks Huan Zhang abstract pdf ppt
06/10 Random Search and Reproducibility for Neural Architecture Search
Liam Li abstract pdf ppt
08/26 Sublinear Approximation for Large-scale Data Science Chi Wang abstract pdf ppt

Winter 2019

Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide
01/11 Multi-relational Knowledge Representation and Acquisition Muhao Chen abstract pdf ppt
01/18 Grounding Reinforcement Learning with Real-world Dialog Applications Zhou Yu abstract pdf ppt
01/25 Combining Behavioral and Generative Models for Product Recommendation and Design Julian McAuley abstract pdf ppt
02/01 Cancel
02/08 Recent advance on deep learning optimization theory Difan Zou abstract pdf ppt
02/15 A New Synthesis of Knowledge Representation and Learning Yitao Liang abstract pdf ppt
02/22 Cancel
03/01 Understanding the Bias and Data Efficiency of Uncertainty Sampling Steve Mussmann abstract pdf ppt
03/08 Cancel
03/15 Cancel
03/22 Embedding Uncertain Knowledge Graphs Xuelu Chen abstract pdf ppt

Fall 2018

Date TITLE Speaker Abstract Paper Slide
10/05 CoQA: A Conversational Question Answering Challenge Siva Reddy abstract pdf ppt
10/12 Efficient Deep Learning Ting Chen abstract pdf ppt
10/19 Optimization from A Continuous-time View Pan Xu abstract pdf ppt
10/26 Conversational Question Answering Scott Yih abstract pdf ppt
11/02 Modeling and Distinguishing User Behaviors on the Web Jyun-Yu Jiang abstract pdf ppt
11/09 Diversity-promoting and Large-scale ML for Healthcare Pengtao Xie abstract pdf ppt
11/16 Adopting Machine Learning techniques in Database System Jin Wang abstract pdf ppt
11/23 Thanksgiving Day (cancel)
11/30 Learning to Generate Language and Actions with Structured Agents William Wang abstract pdf ppt
12/07 Democratize Data Science: NLI to Data Xifeng Yan abstract pdf ppt
12/14 PaperRobot: Incremental Drafting of Ideas in Biomedical Domain Heng Ji abstract pdf ppt

Before Fall 2018


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